Looking for a quick, convenient way to sell your gently used household items, antiques, collectibles, furniture and better brand apparel and accessories?  Come consign with us!

  • Consigning Process: There are two ways of consigning with us. One way is called 20 items and the other is a Drop & Run. ALL CONSIGNMENTS ARE SUBJECT TO FINAL APPROVAL BY OWNERS!
    • 20 items: We will inspect your items while you wait and return to you any “No Thank You” items
    • Drop & Run: You are not limited to 20 items but you DO give Consign Charleston permission to donate any items that we consider unacceptable (i.e. out of style, stained, excessively worn, wrinkled, damaged, too inexpensive, etc.)
    • Clothing: MUST be on INDIVIDUAL HANGERS, WRINKLE FREE , current style and season (Fall-August, Winter-September, Spring-January, and Summer-February). We do not accept brands sold by discount stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Costco etc. We DO NOT accept Maternity or Children’s clothing. (For an updated list of brands we do not take, visit this link.)
    • Non-clothing items: MUST be in excellent condition. Please remember that we DO NOT accept appliances, electronics, mattresses, and toys unless they are new/factory sealed
    • Furniture: MUST be preapproved by picture. You can do this by e-mailing a photo to the above e-mail address or by bringing in pictures. Please bring adequate help to load/unload your furniture.
    • Consignment Schedule: Between the hours of 11:00AM to 5:00PM
      • Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 20 Items ONLY
      • Thursday: Drop and Runs ONLY
      • Saturday; 20 Items AND Drop and Runs

  • Consigning Terms:  Your item(s) will be on the floor for a minimum of 90 days. We price merchandise to not only provide you with a fair return, but to offer value to our customers as well while inventory moves quickly. If your item has not sold in 30 days, it will be reduced 20%. If it still has not sold in 60 days, it will be reduced to an additional 20% off the initial price (for a total of 40% off). Reductions not exceeding 20% may be given at any time deemed acceptable by Consign Charleston. Any holiday item that remains unsold after that particular holiday will be donated. Any item retrieved before the end of the 90 day contract will be charged a $5.00 early retrieval fee (per item). After the 90 days you are given a 7 day window to pick up your item. If your item is not picked up by the 98th day it will become property of the store and donated on your behalf. (Please note that the retrieval of any item not sold falls solely on the consignor)

  • Consigning Pay Scale:

Items priced between $5 and $1000
Consignor 50% Consign Charleston 50%
Items priced over $1,000
Consignor 60% Consign Charleston 40%

  • Consignment Fee: There is a $5 fee to activate the account, and an annual renewal fee of $5 for all active accounts.

  • Payment Policy: : We issue checks daily between 10 and 5 ($20 minimum) with picture ID. If you choose to shop with your money, you will receive an additional 10% off (credit must cover full purchase amount to receive discount). If you have $25 or more on your account, you may request that we mail you a check. NO CASH PAYOUTS!
  • Please Note: Only 1 account per person. All items are priced in the order in which they are received. WELCOME ABOARD!!!

Consign Charleston 1610 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. Charleston, SC 29407
Phone: (843) 225-9055 Fax: (843) 225-9065 Email: Consigncharleston@Hotmail.Com
Hours: Monday – Thursday 10-6PM, Friday and Saturday 10-7PM, Sunday 12-5PM