How does it work?

We will take a look at your items while you wait and let you know what we think will sell. Those items will be priced on an account in your name that is housed here at consign Charleston. That account will track the money that you make... as each item sells, your earnings will post automatically, giving you immediate access. You may request a check or shop with your earnings. Each item has 90 days to sell. Should it not sell, for whatever reason, you are given seven days at the end of the contract term to reclaim your items should you choose. If you forget to reclaim your items or choose not to, they will simply be donated on your behalf. You may request your tax receipts at any time.

When do you take consignments?

Consignment Schedule: Between the hours of 11:00AM to 5:00PM

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 20 Items ONLY
  • Thursday: Drop and Runs ONLY
  • Saturday; 20 Items AND Drop and Runs
  • Do you take electronics?

    We only take electronics if they are in their original packaging and FACTORY SEALED!

    What are you looking for?

    This is a GREAT question and is asked often. We have been blessed over the years to have grown into a one stop shop. This opens us up to accepting a variety of things: predominantly clothing, furniture, men’s accessories, house-wares/fine china and crystal and collectibles/antiques. While there isn’t a full proof formulae to ensure that your items sell, the nicer they are and the more unusual they are certainly increase their chances...

    What types of clothing do you take?

    We ask that you bring in clothes that are current season, surest style and no more than 5 years in age. They must be pressed, clean and ON HANGERS! Feel free to visit our store in advance to get complimentary hangers for your clothes. We do have a boutique area in the store that houses our “designer” clothing, shoes and accessories... *** WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY CLOTHING NOT ON HANGERS! ***WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO HANG YOUR CLOTHES IN THE STORE! To those of you who are new to the process, we know this may sound like a good many rules… just remember that the nicer the clothing looks, the higher we can price them, thus the more money you make!!:)

    Do you take men's clothes?


    Do you take children's clothes?

    We do not, however, our sister store in Columbia takes children's clothes. Feel free to visit their website: myroubdabouts.com

    Will you call me when something sells?

    Unfortunately we will not notify you of ANY transaction on your account. Our consignor base is 10,000 PLUS! We do, however, have someone operating the information desk daily. Not only are they able to issue you checks, but they will also be more than glad to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. ***Please remember that the information desk closes at 5:00 PM

    How do I get paid?

    You may visit the store daily between the hours of 10 and 5 and we will gladly issue you a check; OR you may call the store if you'd like a check to be mailed to you. ***All checks must be $25 or more in order to be mailed!

    Do you buy outright?

    We do not buy outright. We are strictly a consignment store!

    Do you take furniture?

    We do take furniture.. We do ask that ALL furniture pieces are pre-approved! You may do this by bringing a picture in for the owners to look at or you may send a picture to our email address: consigncharleston@hotmail.com

    Do you have a delivery/pick-up service?

    We have a moving company on site. If you are interested in their services, please call the store or stop by the information desk located at the front of the store, as you enter, and to the right.

    Do you take donations?

    Because of our volume, we do not have the space to take donations. We DO serve as a donation center for the Charleston Animal Society, though. Feel free to visit their webs site https://www.charlestonanimalsociety.org/ to see what their immediate needs are.

    Consign Charleston 1610 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. Charleston, SC 29407
    Phone: (843) 225-9055 Fax: (843) 225-9065 Email: Consigncharleston@Hotmail.Com
    Hours: Monday – Thursday 10-6PM\, Friday and Saturday 10-7PM, Sunday 12-5PM