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Anonymous: Last year you had an amazing parking lot sale. Will you be doing that again this year at your new location? I traveled last year from Raleigh to attend and wanted to make sure I didn't miss it this year.

Yes, we will :-) Our new location is 1610 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. Mark your calendar for September 20th! 

Anonymous: What is a Drop N'Run?

Please, please make sure that you understand the Drop N’Run policies before deciding you’d like to do one. Note that a Drop N’Run is not mandatory! There are certain days where to we have (and will) ONLY accept Drop N’Runs instead of the normal 20 item drop-off - but please, do not feel obligated to leave your consignments if you do not feel comfortable with this particular process. 

  • Normally, during a 20 item drop-off, we hand you back anything that we can’t accept otherwise known as “No-Thank-Yous”. 
  • With Drop N’Runs you are unlimited to how many items you can drop off, but clothes are still required to be on hangers, wrinkle-free, and in-season. You are not required to stand and wait for us to hand you back No-Thank-Yous. Anything that is excessively stained, wrinkled, or an older label will be DONTATED. Again, those items will be donated. This type of consigning is not for everyone, and that’s okay! For a list of brands we DO NOT ACCEPT please click here
  • Because of the quantity of items dropped off, Drop N’Runs generally take longer than the average consignment wait-time of 2 weeks. They can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to process. Have patience and the reward will be great! 

Life is unpredictable, and because of unforeseen circumstances Consign Charleston will temporarily stop accepting consignments every TUESDAY beginning JULY 1ST. We want to give a huge thanks to our consignors, as well as our shoppers, for continuing to have patience with us during this time. 

Attention Consignors:
Since moving to our new location we have experienced a heavy influx of consignments. We are working extremely hard to both price and sort through these items as fast as humanly possible - in order to get them out on the floor so that you can earn money. We are especially thankful, but just ask that you please have patience with us at this time! 

Please Note: All consignments must be brought in on hangers. They must also be clean, and wrinkle-free in order for you to receive the highest profit. We provide hangers at the front of the store, but if clothes have been folded and then hung, it is more likely that your garments will be returned to you as “No Thank-You’s”. All items should be brought in a presentable manner, and ready to be displayed. 

August 15th = Fall Consignments!
September 15th = Bag Sale!
Halloween Sale = October 31st!
Shop N'Shuck = December 6th!

Beginning November 1st we will have a new consignment schedule!
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday = Normal Consignments!
Tuesdays: No Consignments
Thursdays: Drop N'Runs only!

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