Only 10 days to go!! Join us June 4th for our Pounds for Pounds Sale!!! We are now open on Sundays!!! 12PM - 5PM


Best Of 2015

Shop Talk

I think someone is already dreaming of our next BIG SALE and all the good it will bring. Only 10 days to go till our next BIG SALE!!!Pounds for Pounds

We are excited to announce that we will now be open Sundays! Starting April 10th! We will be open from 12pm - 5pm. We will not be taking consignments or writing checks on Sundays, but the Store will be open for normal sales.

Check out this beautiful Chickering & Sons Piano! Made in 1872! - $9500.00



Of The Month

Congratulations to Karen Dennihan for consigner of the month for April! As well as Ali Paquette on being employee of the month for April!Karen Dennihan Ali Paquette


Notice: All furniture must be pre-approved for consignment. Approval is based on space within the store and quality of the item. Once approved, furniture must come in within a week. If it has been over a week, please check back with the store to make sure we have enough space. Thank you for your cooperation!

We have updated our list of Brands that we do not take for Consignment. Keep in mind that we are only wanting items that are recent. You can go here to see examples of Labels of Brands we do take, but not if they have a tag that looks like this.